10 Aug 2018

MR & HR Drivers ( Winston Express Haulage Pty Ltd )

 ST MARYS, NSW, Australia View Map


  • Family Owned and Operated Company since 1990.
  • Above Award Wages
  • Late Model, well maintained vehicles and equipment.

We need MR & HR drivers for local and country work. Both day and night.


Winston Express Haulage is a family owned and operated transport company that has a 28 year history.

We require drivers for MR and HR driving positions. Varied roles including multi drop and bulk. Local and Country, both day or night. We operate mainly tautliners and some are fitted with rear taillift. Must know your way around Sydney and be able to read and write English. Knowledge of NSW Road Rules and How to Load a Vehicle is essential.

Permanent, Casual and ongoing casual. Above award payment.

Job Categories:8 tonners Bulk Delivery, Auto, DAF, Express Freight, FlatTop (Rigid), Glass, Hino, HR 12 Tonner, HR Licenced Work, Isuzu, Iveco, Linehaul, Local Work, Manual gear box, MR 8 Tonner, MR Licenced Work, Multi-drop, New South Wales, Nissan UD, NSW, Pantech(Rigid), Regional/Country Runs, Road Ranger, Scania, Sensitive freight, split gearbox, Sydney Local Knowledge, Synchro Gearbox, Tautliner, Tyres, ZF.
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