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What to Consider When Choosing an Online Slots Site

They are perhaps the only games in an New Zealand online casino where strategies are built entirely on the sort you choose and the way you spend: online slots are available in dizzying variety. With this guide, there’s no need to be overwhelmed when choosing where to play.

Why Play Slots Online?

The casino floor has atmosphere, energy and the occasional lurker, and with it comes queues for popular machines and the constant need to collect change. Online, you’re free to roam between the vast number of games available, and enjoy ever-improving graphics and gameplay. You’ll also find some of the biggest paypal jackpots around.

What Features Do Online Slot Sites Offer?

Online slots strategy is about choosing the right games, and managing how you play. Online casinos have plenty of functions to help you:

Free Play / Practice Play
With dozens, if not hundreds of slots available, the chance to try new additions and experiment with your strategy can be a huge bonus. Start out practising for free to improve your approach.
Free Spins / Loyalty Bonuses
Loyalty schemes and special offers are an excellent way to earn free plays. Check whether your online casino offers sign-up or member bonuses. The most coveted of casino bonuses are the free spins, so be sure to lookout for those as well.
Slot Stats
For a more rational approach, search casinos for data on average return to player statistics, which show the percentage of bets paid out to players. Individual slot data can often be found on help pages and sometimes monthly payout data is found in independent reports linked to casino footers.
Mobile Casinos
Most casinos have mobile sites or apps, but the selection of slots available on the move may vary. Trial all of an online casino’s platforms to avoid disappointment.

Online Slot Game Variations

One of the most fun and lucrative things about online slots is the variety. When choosing an online slot site, make sure you get a good overview of everything on offer so that your options aren’t limited.

Video Slots
The most common form of online slot, these tend to be low-to-medium variance (regular payouts, lower jackpots), have lots of pay lines (plenty of chances to win) and often incorporate animated mini-games, free spin features and pop culture themes.
Jackpot Slots
Often linked across multiple casinos, these slots take a small percentage of each wager to make a ‘progressive jackpot’. These slots are normally high variance (huge payouts, less frequent low-level wins) and can be less immersive than video slots, though big names like Marvel are challenging that assumption.
Classic Slots
Online imitations of popular casino slots. These tend to have fewer win lines, simpler gameplay and a retro aesthetic. They can be low or high variance.
It’s important to be aware of which developer is behind your online casino. Some topnotch casinos offer slots from numerous developers while others are powered by top-end slot makers like NetEnt and have early access or exclusive games. Your choice will depend on whether you appreciate a certain slot style, or if you like to keep your options open.

Unusual Alternatives to Online Slots

One game that has all the excitement and ease-of-use that characterises online slots is video poker. Players place a bet, spin the reels and hope a potent poker hand lands. It’s also a great intro into the world of online poker for anyone looking for a test of skill and nerve.

Many online casinos also have a section labelled ‘other games’; these often contain a range of quick-to-play games from online scratchcards to electronic horse racing, where you can play the odds to win a virtual race. These are a great way to expand your gaming repertoire without the rules and strategy barriers of most casino table games.

How to Maximise Your Online Slot Site Experience

One of the most exciting experiences in the online slot world is a tournament: thousands of linked players powering through a pre-determined pot to see who can end the fixed time period with the most winnings, with huge prizes up for grabs. Rand Casino offers frequent tournaments, with a wide range of entry fees for all pot sizes, and other casinos are increasingly getting in on the action.

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